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Embark on your intentional entrepreneurial journey to business and financial mastery

Our action-based learning center equips growth-ready entrepreneurs and their accounting partners to navigate the complexities of small business and finances. Our tailored learning experiences instill confidence in order to make informed business decisions, optimize financial and business strategies, and propel your business towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a community of educators, mentors, and conscious entrepreneurs locking arms for small business sustainability and prosperity! We deliver action-based training that activates your next-level business and financial goals and inspires you to get to where you want and deserve to be!

What We Believe

We believe as educators for value-driven accounting partners, we must guide them on strengthening their values and fundamentals first so that they can deliver the positive impact and transformative experiences that their entrepreneurial clients desire and deserve.

Who We Serve

We serve growth-ready, service-based entrepreneurs ready to strengthen their knowledge and technical skills so that they can confidently join the financial conversation and make focus-driven decisions to keep their businesses profitable, thriving, and prosperous!

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Hi! I'm Mariette Martinez, founder of MasterYourBooks.

"I believe every business should have a fighting chance to reach financial happiness on their terms."

We're on a mission to empower growth-ready entrepreneurs and their value-driven, accounting partners through business and financial mastery.

I witnessed entrepreneurship at a young age, being raised in a family-owned restaurant business that lasted over 3 decades, solely owned by my mother. After 30 years in the business, my mother closed her doors due to financial hardship. I was 19 when this occurred but the lifetime impact of helping business owners keep their doors open on their terms and reach their entrepreneurial dreams inspires me daily.

After 20+ years working as a Small Business Accountant and Advisor, my entrepreneurial journey has evolved from practitioner to educator. At MasterYourBooks, we partner alongside small business champions and educators, who align with our mission to Leave No Business Behind due to the lack of business and financial literacy. For this reason, we make great strides at MasterYourBooks to build meaningful and collaborative partnerships that align with this mission to equip and educate the small business and accounting community so they can continue to survive and thrive and we can all reach our entrepreneurial dreams on our terms!

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