Do you find yourself wondering...

  • Do I have what it takes to build a bookkeeping business?

  • Do I know enough to complete the tasks with confidence?

  • Do I know the basics steps to get the work completed?

  • Do I know the right words to communicate the value of strong books to my clients?

  • Do I know where to begin & how the books should look when I’m done?

  • Do I know where to learn more so I can continue to grow with my clients

  • Do I have a supportive peer group to lean on that will keep me aligned & accountable?

Accelerated Training & Implementation with Real Life Learning

What does this look like?

  • We build a business profile that is designed based on the client discovery meeting and assess for success.

  • We build out the accounting workflows necessary to complete the client work.

  • We dive deep into the full end-to-end accounting life cycle of a small service-based business using QuickBooks Online.

  • We cover the bookkeeping tasks & checklists required to build tax-ready books in preparation of quarterly and year-end financial reporting & tax compliance.

  • We cover the importance of virtual collaboration & tech-forward workflows to create a productive remote working environment for your firm & clients.

  • We use the magic of masterminds and accountability throughout our learning to fast track your growth by leveraging the collective minds of your peers.

The Bookkeeper’s Bootcamp & Mastermind is a hands-on, high-energy accelerator program designed to take the New Age Bookkeeper from theory to practice.

In just 5 weeks, this program will cover how to

Break Into the Bookkeeping Business through the

 Learning Stages of Today's Small Business Bookkeeper's Role.

By the end of this course, YOU will be equipped with the

  financial knowledge & technical skills required for 

today's new age bookkeeper. This financially literate &

 tech forward mindset will provide you with

 the roadmap to complete the small business end-to-end

 accounting lifecycle and position you on the path to serve your

 clients as the Small Business Financial Advisor. 

PLUS GET INCREDIBLE BONUSES TOO that will be announced in next launch!

By the end of this program, you will have stepped into the role of the Small Business Financial Advisor and will feel confident to:

  • CHARGE MORE for your value-added services.

  • CREATE MORE direct impact for your clients.

  • LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY & machine learning to ditch data entry.

  • SAVE MORE TIME through effective workflows & collaboration.

  • INCREASE PROFITS & BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY for the clients you most love working with.

  • ANSWER THE IMPORTANT FINANCIAL QUESTIONS for business growth & long-term financial success.

  • ENRICH THE BUSINESS LIVES for YOURSELF and the ideal clients you enjoy serving.

JOIN WAITING LIST NOW and show your interest for the next round Spring 2021!

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Hi! I'm Mariette Martinez.

After 20+ years working with small businesses, my entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong and my journey has evolved from practitioner to educator. My current passion project is to share my vast knowledge and strong connections with the accounting industry to create awareness and deliver focus-driven education around the importance of financial and business literacy for small business financial success.

As a Latina-Owned business, I recognize the importance to provide learning opportunities and financial education for the rapid-growing Latinx and women-owned small business community. For this reason, I make great strides to build strategic partnerships that align with this mission to help equip and educate these powerful, hardworking communities. #StrongerTogether #JuntosAdelante

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5 star rating

Amazing good!

Gleidis Mazo

I give this course 5 stars because truly helps you become an Entrepreneur. Some people do not plan to become an entrepreneur, while others do. It doesn't mat...

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I give this course 5 stars because truly helps you become an Entrepreneur. Some people do not plan to become an entrepreneur, while others do. It doesn't matter how you become an entrepreneur, what matters is how you build your strength in business and keep going until you find your success. This course will help you on this journey.

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