So you just started using QuickBooks Online and you are ALL IN on using this accounting technology platform to streamline your business finances and taxes but you don’t know where to start.

You are not a QuickBooks Expert so you just wish someone can teach you the ropes to fast track the initial setup of this accounting system and also teach you some navigation best practices.

Well, you are definitely in the right place! And let me tell you a secret that is going to save you tons of time and make you feel like a real QBO Hero!

If you just focus on 3 Key QuickBooks Techniques when setting up this technology for your business, which I like to refer to as the “3 QBO Must Knows”, you could  build your QBO SuperPowers overnight? 


  • Building your QBO SuperPowers by learning the 3 Key Must-Knows

  • Having an opportunity to get comfortable with our learning platform

  • Having the opportunity to check out Mariette Martinez’ teaching style

  • Getting access to FREE videos, resources & technology tips 24/7 that will supplement your QuickBooks Online learning from other paid courses on my platform

  • Getting access to a trusted list of QuickBooks Online resources from industry experts and organizations that champion small business success
  • In this free masterclass, Mariette Martinez provides an introduction of this powerful business financial technology and how it can be used as the core application to build an entrepreneur's back office accounting system.

    But that’s not the best part…

    As an accounting technologist with a passion for understanding the internal design of this product, Mariette will give you a look under the hood of this powerful accounting software and share how understanding the 3 Key Must-Knows and how this technology was designed will profoundly improve your user experience. 

    Curious what the 3 Key Must-Knows are?

    Well, don’t wait any longer and dive into this learning today to find out!

    Hi! I'm Mariette Martinez.

    I began my accounting career at a very young age, being raised in a family-owned business that lasted over thirty years. My first job out of high school was at an accounting firm and I worked at this firm throughout my college career until I graduated from California State University, Northridge in 2002 with a B.S. in Accountancy.

    After graduation, I was recruited by a national CPA firm in Beverly Hills which specialized in small to mid-sized companies. At this firm, I discovered my true passion for helping small business owners and as a result, I decided to specialize in accounting and taxation of small businesses and become and IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) and an expert in accounting technologies, including Intuit’s accounting solutions. Following my career in public/private accounting, in 2009, I opened my own practice so I can continue to grow and share my knowledge with the small business community.

    After 20+ years working with small businesses, my entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong and my journey has evolved from practitioner to educator. My current passion project is to share my vast knowledge and strong connections with the accounting industry to create awareness and deliver focus-driven education around the importance of financial and business literacy for small business financial success.

    As a Latina-Owned business, I recognize the importance to provide learning opportunities and financial education for the rapid-growing Spanish-Speaking small business community and I have created strategic partnerships to help create these resources in Spanish as well.

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    Free Quickbooks Online Must-Knows

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    Great course!

    Great course!

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