Hey YOU!

You probably know what you "should" be doing...

  • Managing your business finances year-round.

  • Staying compliant with your taxes.

  • Tracking your transactions for tax deductibility.

  • But ARE YOU??


being able to learn

the most important financial education and business literacy topics

that you know will build your business -

in just ONE day!

Tax-Ready Books is a bootcamp-style master course that speaks directly to the Self-Employed Business Owner that is ready to take ownership of their finances and taxes.

Each key learning in this master course builds on the next and you'll learn through lesson videos, visual slides and quizzes to check your knowledge.

We have periodic check-ins between each key learning to make sure we are working through these financial and business literacy concepts together and on track to get your books tax-ready.

Here's what's inside:

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Welcome to Tax Ready Books

    • Preparing for your Signature Program

    • Welcome to Our Learning Community!

    • Your FIRST Bonus, the Path Masterclass, is Waiting ! DO NOT PASS GO!

    • Introduction to Tax Ready Books

  • 2

    Defining the Self-Employed Business (Topic1)

    • Defining the Self-Employed Business Owner

    • Unraveling the Self-Employed Entity Progression

    • Checking In after Defining the Self-Employed Business Owner

  • 3

    7 Keys to Manage Finances (Topic 2)

    • 7 Keys to Manage Finances Year Round

    • Mindset Moment

  • 4

    What to Track (Topic 3)

    • Tracking = Bookkeeping

    • Tracking Money IN

    • Tracking Money OUT

    • Checking In on Your Qs around Tracking Money IN and OUT

  • 5

    How to Document (Topic 4)

    • How to Get Organized with a Secure Document System

    • Organization Matters

    • Choose your next lesson!

    • Using Google Drive as Your Cloud Storage

  • 6

    What Numbers Matter (Topic 5)

    • What Numbers Really Matter

    • Financial Literacy Mini-Bootcamp

    • Financial Statements & Financial Visibility Provide Answers

    • Checking IN on your Financial Literacy Mini-Bootcamp

    • More Small Business Financial Literacy Resources

  • 7

    Leverage Technology (Topic 6)

    • Switching Gears into Leveraging Technology

    • Three Techs Lessons

    • Fundamental Technology Lingo

    • The Full Demo

    • Deeper Dive into QuickBooks Online

    • The Full Guide and Comparison Chart

    • *Optional Learning ~ QBO Must-Knows

    • Checking In on Your Learning Journey

  • 8

    Key Accounting Tasks (Topic 7) + 💥BONUSES💥

    • The Small Business Accounting Workflow

    • BONUS#1: Intro to MasterYourMoney Workbook

    • Demo of MasterYourMoney Workbook + Instructions to Access

    • Access to MasterYourMoney Workbook

    • Checking In on Bonus#1

    • BONUS #2 Demo & Instructions to Access Gross Revenue Model PLUS Pay Yourself Calculator

    • Access to Gross Revenue Model PLUS Pay Yourself Calculator

    • How You Feeling after your BONUS Workbooks?

  • 9


    • Small Business Financial Literacy Check-Up

    • Time to Test Your Knowledge

  • 10

    Where to Report (Topic 8)

    • Preparing Self-Employed Tax Forms

    • Matching Books to Taxes

    • Checking IN after Matching Books to Taxes

  • 11

    When to File & Pay (Topic 9)

    • When to File & Pay Self-Employed Taxes

  • 12

    What's Comes Next

    • Where Do We Grow From Here!

    • So Much More To Explore!

    • You Did It!

    • Sharing Is Caring

    • Want More Learning?

Even though all the results above look pretty amazing, you may still be asking yourself how is this master course any different then other financial courses and/or programs you have tried learning from in the past.

Here’s How:

  • It's an interactive learning experience.

  • In-course discussions.

  • Step by step instructions through the entire learning experience together - lesson by lesson.

  • Periodic “check your knowledge” exercises after each key learning.

  • We'll be working through these financial and business literacy concepts together.

Regardless of the learning path you choose - whether you binge in a day or over a few weeks, by the end of this master course you will have the following exciting results for your business:

  • You will know what it means to be self-employed for both legal & tax purposes.

  • You will know how to build, manage & organize your bookkeeping year-round.

  • You will know the different types of money in & money out transactions and how to report them correctly for bookkeeping and tax deductibility.

  • You will be able to speak the universal language of financial literacy so that you can transform your data into dollars through the power of financial statements.

  • You will be able to use three different accounting technologies to do your books faster.

  • You will know how to prepare and file a Schedule C Sole Proprietorship tax return.

  • You will know when to file and pay your taxes to stay compliant year-round.

  • You will begin to take your business & financial analytics to the next level.

What others are saying:

Hi! I'm Mariette Martinez.

I began my accounting career at a very young age, being raised in a family-owned business that lasted over thirty years. My first job out of high school was at an accounting firm and I worked at this firm throughout my college career until I graduated from California State University, Northridge in 2002 with a B.S. in Accountancy.

After graduation, I was recruited by a national CPA firm in Beverly Hills which specialized in small to mid-sized companies. At this firm, I discovered my true passion for helping small business owners and as a result, I decided to specialize in accounting and taxation of small businesses and become and IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) and an expert in accounting technologies, including Intuit’s accounting solutions. Following my career in public/private accounting, in 2009, I opened my own practice so I can continue to grow and share my knowledge with the small business community.

After 20+ years working with small businesses, my entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong and my journey has evolved from practitioner to educator. My current passion project is to share my vast knowledge and strong connections with the accounting industry to create awareness and deliver focus-driven education around the importance of financial and business literacy for small business financial success.

As a Latina-Owned business, I recognize the importance to provide learning opportunities and financial education for the rapid-growing Spanish-Speaking small business community and I have created strategic partnerships to help create these resources in Spanish as well.

Still curious if this course is right for you?

Let me break it down for you!

Tax Ready Books is right for you if you're a:

  • Schedule C Sole Proprietorship (primarily service-based) 
  • Freelancer with a Side Hustle
  • Direct Seller/Multi-Level Marketer
  • Service-Based 1099 Contractor
  • Bookkeeping & Tax Pro that serves the Self-Employed community

Are you wondering why I included Bookkeeping & Tax Pros that serve the Self-Employed community?

This course is also an excellent resource for financial professionals that serve the Self-Employed community for 2 main reasons:

  • To learn the bookkeeping & tax-related tasks that need to be completed year-round to work more collaboratively with the self-employed community

  • To connect with the unique needs & goals of this fast growing community

I have designed this course so that the self-employed community can master their finances and taxes on their own but I always encourage collaboration with your bookkeeping and tax professional so you can take your business finances and tax savings to the next level. 


  • Do I need previous bookkeeping and/or tax knowledge to take this course?

    No you don’t . Actually, this course is meant for entrepreneurs to learn bookkeeping & tax principles from the ground up. We will build & sharpen your financial education from one chapter to the next.

  • Will I need to know a specific accounting software for this program?

    No you don’t. You can come with a minimum background of technology but you will need to be open to leveraging technology to build & manage your tax ready books. We actually cover 3 technologies that will get your books done faster.

  • Will you be teaching me how to prepare my Sole Proprietorship taxes?

    We will be covering a real case study which takes your from her Profit & Loss Statement and matches these numbers to her IRS Schedule C tax return. You can use this case study as a guide to prepare your own Sole Proprietorship taxes.

  • Will I be able to ask questions about the course learnings?

    Yes, absolutely! Right inside the platform you will be able to ask questions in the discussion forums and I will respond back. Also ask your peers for help too!

  • How long will this course take me to complete?

    This course has been delivered numerous times to hundreds of business owners in a full-day bootcamp-style live training. Therefore, you could potentially get this all done in one day. Different from the live experience, this online course will also include knowledge checks, exercises and quizzes to strengthen your skills. I recommend you schedule the time on your calendar and complete over a few weeks and then revisit the learning again to keep yourself accountable.

What others are saying: